Rainy Day-sy

Today’s oats were excellent!  It started with

Carrots and Mango!

And turned into

Garden of Oat

It’s too bad that the weather is so

Wet and Cold

As I’d much rather be doing something with

Poor Sneaks. Nothing fun for you to do.


I prefer my Foise Gras alive thank you.

What’s up blog readers?  Wondering if I had a good day?   Let me just say Oooooh Yah!  How about you?

I knew today that I wanted to ruuuuuuuuun!  As much as my withered, ex-smoker lungs will let me anyhow.  After breakfast I was trying to decide what to do with the day and where to insert my run when my partner in romantic crime asked if he could take me to do the zoo!  Let me tell you, I haven’t been to the zoo in ages and the idea of spending a balmy summery spring afternoon made my heart go zooM!

But how to get that runny/walky thingy  in…  Luckily enough,  the zoo happens to be in Assiniboine Park, which happens to be at the end of Wellington Crescent which happens to run along the river which happens to be an excellent path for a runny/walky thingy!  So Mr Eats Oats agreed to pack up the car with all my stuff (camera, phone, water, wallet etc) and meet me at the zoo.  Hello! This is way better than the time I ran/walked to Superstore and he met me with the car!

There’s a sidewalk that runs all the way along the Wellington Crescent, but halfway to the zoo all these dusty muddy river side trails start to pop up.  I was doing well for time so I scurried down and took most my run on rooty, bushy, muddy trails.  Oh man Oh man!  So fun!  I had to slow down a lot because I was worried about twisting an ankle or falling in the river or twisting an ankle and then falling in the river.  Buuut slowing down enabled me to run somewhere between 7-10 minutes without stopping (I apparently wasn’t really stopping to look at my watch either)!  If I were to be honest with you I’d say I don’t think I have ever ever run 10 minutes non-stop.  Whew!  Feels so good!

And at the end of my run was my man at the zoo!  We held hands and saw things like these guys:

The fellow picking up these guys' poop said they're the scariest! And can weigh up to 40lbs! Saddly their mostly raised for foise gras

Were I a squirrel I'd be punk rock too!

Bear! Bear! Bear!

Yeah..  as far as days go, today was pretty fab.

Hot to Trot. Uhm.

Oh man.  I slept in this morning!  It’s natural for me.  I have always been a sleeper-inner.  But I’ve also always coveted that early rise lifestyle.  It just seems so much easier to get things done.  Now-a-days I pretty consistently/effortlessly wake up at 9.  Give or take.  Believe me, it’s a miracle that I get out of bed at all, given my history of 11am-2pm rising!  So Today I woke up at 11!  It was a shock!  And I only woke up because the phone was ringing.  I lied and told my friend she hadn’t woken me up (sorry Claire!  I was embarrassed!).  My whole morning was gone.  I’m sure it has something to do with green tea at 8pm but that doesn’t change my lost hours.  Oh well.

I felt like I’d slept through breakfast and so I went ahead and made myself lunch.

This was really good (though maybe not ideal before a runny/walking thingy)

Brussel Sprouts, sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil + chili flakes and garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes

Whole wheat pasta

An egg mixed with a scant amount each of feta, parm and cottage cheese

Immediately after draining the pasta stir in the egg mixture.  It should cook.  I didn’t have a lot of pasta though so I had to help mine along over low heat, constantly stirring.

Top with lots of fresh basil

and serve with a fuzzy water.  Yes Yes Yes!

40 minutes into my walky runny thingy.  No No No! I think I got my first case of the trots.  It was terrible!  Made it home in the nick of time but knew that if someone had locked the back door I was in for the most embarrassing moment of my adult life.  Eeep!  I don’t think I’m going to refer to completing the Terry Fox trail as a Fox Trot anymore.  Too many bad memories.

Trots aside I had a WONDERFUL time moving my legs today!  The weather was perfect (17 C, bright sun, slight wind).  And even though I’d been out yesterday my legs and lungs still felt good and strong today.  I did day one of week 3 as per the couch to 5k plan ( http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml ).  I love this plan, I really think it’s sound.  It’s true that I tend to do each day twice when I’m out (60 minutes instead of 30) lately but other than that I’ve made no adjustments.  I really truly believe that in the next month and a half  I’ll be able to run 5k.  I’m not ruling out anymore bad days but I am definately chalking this one up as a triumph.  Yah!

How’ve you all been?

Just flew in from bed…

And Boy are my arms tired!  Oh man, so lame.  But so true!  My arms feel pleasantly spent after yesterday’s swim.  Aaah.  Hopefully My legs will get the same experience on our walky/runny thingy today!

Breakfast was a smoother than usual Mango Mint yummy lumpy.

Breakfast and an opium pipe. Okay.

Pretty typical stuff in here.

More frozen mango and less banana + lots of fresh mint.  With the addition of yogurt I think it was kind of like a lassie.  Though I’m not entirely sure what a lassie is.

I’m looking forward to my fitness outing today, a trip to the library on my bike and getting some errands done.  It’s going to be another beautiful day (it’s 10:30.  It’s already a beautiful day).

Sweet sunshine to you all!

Swimming with Mummy

Yeah.  That’s right.  I went for a swim with my Mum.  She’s so cute!  And was such a good sport.  I wanted to stay a little longer than she did and so she just kept up with her laps til I was done.  Good job Mumma!

Today I swam 2K!!  Holy cow!  I didn’t even realize how far I’d gone.  That’s 43 there and back!  And it only took me a whopping 85 minutes.  I thinks that’s a little on the slow side.  Buuuut I clearly like to swim for endurance so no harm no foul! Also I was huffing and puffing a fair bit.

After such a big swim we went for a Vietnamese lunch and I was halfway through the devouring process when I realized I forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  We shared some roll it yourself charbroiled (spellcheck wants me to tell you it was hardboiled) pork salad rolls and shrimp and sour soup.  And it was soooo  gooooood!

I don’t like to eat shrimp.  They taste great but I know the way that most shrimp are farmed is terrible for the environment.  As I learned from my Mum over lunch,  mangrove groves are destroyed so they can be turned into shrimp farms or shrimp ponds.  (from the web) It is estimated that 1 million hectares of coastal wetland, including mangroves, have been lost in order to create space for these ponds.  This practice is disrupting traditional fishing in numerous  regions and is effecting the livelihood of many in addition to seriously disrupting, possibly irreversibly, the ecosystem.  Really though? What else is new?  It is heartbreaking but sadly not shocking.  Which is more saddening.  So I don’t eat shrimp unless it’s been months since I’ve last eaten shrimp.  It’s not much but I guess it’s something.

In dog related news..  this is another good fur-pal Kali.  She just had minor surgery due to a mysterious puncture wound in her chest.  She is healing nicely.

Whaddya mean no shrimp?

Oats for breakfast!

Oatty Baby! Where've ya been?

Typical Oats.  Typical extraordinary oats!

I’m a little bit ocd about how I construct my raw oat bowls.  But it’s all worth it.  There’s a reason for each step.

1. Combine yogurt (1/3 of a cuppish) + chia seeds (3/4 tablespoonish) in a bowl.  Mix. & Let sit while you

2. Melt (a tablespoonish) of virgin coconut oil

3. Arrange oats in an even layer over the yogurt

4. drizzle melted coconut oil over the oats.  Let sit.  This is the absolute best part.  Because the oats get kind of granola-clumpy

5. Slice a banana.  Toss it on top of the oats

6. Combine (2 teaspoonish) nut butter with (2-3 teaspoonish) latte or milk or coffee warm gently (10 second intervals in the microwave)

7. Gloop the sauce atop the bananas in an effort to disguise their banana-ness.

That’s it.  You’re done!  Notice no salt?  This is actually one of the hardest places for me to not add salt to my meal.  It’s not needed but I do find it makes the flavours pop.  Whatever, I’m a salt addict so of course I think that!

Plan for the day a swim with my mum (Is it not so cute that we’re starting to swim together?!), cumbersome meeting this aft’ and a movie that we have passes for later tonight.  Should be fun!

Couples Yoga

Tonight was yoga.  Couples yoga.  A class found in the leisure guide (a city of Winnipeg directory of classes held at public facilities).  I did not feel like going.  I was having a bummed out day and feeling badly in general about the state of my life.  I asked my partner in yoga-crime if he wanted to go.  Not really.  And instantly started wrestling with the notion of just skipping the class!  We’re wiggling back and forth, trying to justify not going……and the next thing I know I’m changing into my yoga pants and filling up my water bottle (which I forgot at home) and we were on our way to class.  We had a delightful time.  Even laughing restrainedly for no good reason through the first bit of class.  My day was totally turned around.  Why?  Because I did something that was good for me.  Because I did something that I didn’t want to do.  Why I wonder, is it so easy to forget that something is going to be a pleasure?  While combing the internet for info on running programs and how to get started I came across the same tip in a number of different places – Go for 10 minutes and if you want to quit after the 10 minutes do so.   More and more I want to get out there and get started.  More and more I don’t want to quit.

(I went out for a 60 minute walky/runny thingy this morning)

(lunch was a salad bar salad + 1/2 a reuben sandwich, which has been my sandWISH for so long, but I think maybe the bread was a little off so it wasn’t at all perfect.  From the Paddle Wheel restaurant at The Bay)

(Dinner was the rest of the salad + the other 1/2 of the sandwich.  Pretty sure there was something up with the bread)

And for your totally unrelated visual enjoyment may I introduce you to Mel!  He’s a rescued puppy mill dachshund who has no teeth and lacks the ability to keep his tongue in his mouth.  He is fur mommed by my dear pal Leah.

Hey Good Lookin'!