As in from Lima.  I think they were actually pinto beans.  But they were delicious and cooked into some kind of Peruvian risotto of sorts.  There was octopus in it too!!  Had some ceviche to start.  It was in a brilliant orange sauce that I´d have thought was something toxic if it hadn´t tasted so good and real!

Anna Marie met me at the airport after a very uneventful flight.  We made it back to the hostel around 12 30 and were in bed just before 2am.  Anna Marie thought I was crazy to have spent the last 3 weeks training my body to quit the snooze alarm and wake up at 8 15am everyday.  I was curious to see if my efforts would be successful.  I woke up this morning thinking it had to be close to 11am.  Anna Marie started to rustle in the bunk above mine and I stuck my head out with a big smile for her just as she stuck her head out over the edge.  She erupted in giggles saying “It´s 8 15! It´s 8 15!” Hehehe..  I guess it worked!

We are soon to leave on a 19 hour bus ride to Tumbes.  I don´t know what we´re going to do there but Anna Marie is the planner sooooo  We´ll see!!

Love you all! I hope I´ll post some pictures soon (the only one I´ve taken so far is of a sign showing a baby eating a giant sandwich.  You´ll understand why it´s so amazing when you see it!).