I have returned.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  There wasn’t any one reason for my absence.   I got a little discouraged.  I wasn’t “good” at it right away so I quit. And I found the technical processes quite cumbersome.  Well, d’uh I wasn’t “good” at it.  Whatever that even means!  I didn’t give myself a chance to be good at it.  A nasty attitude I’ve seen resurface in my life.  It’s caused me, in the past, to give up when I probably should have bucked up or buckled down.  Like those few months I tried to go to University.  I’ve thought often of my abandoned little blog and how I don’t want to be the person who cast it aside so quickly.  The person who didn’t give it a chance to develop into something.  So I’ve decided to come back and give it another go.  With the added benifit of making sure I use less photos.  That’s the part that was really getting me down.  Okey dokey then..  Moving on!


I feel like I have so much to tell you, world wide web!  When I started writing this blog I had just begun the couch to 5k program.  I’m happy to announce that I have completed said program!  And since run a 5k race (and not come in last)!  And completed a sprint triathlon(and not come in last!).  And am training for my first 10k.  And am preparing to meet my BFF Anna-Marie, who has lived for years in Australia,  for 6 weeks of travelling through South America!!!

But first things first. 

The 5k was held in Grand Beach, oft spoke of as one of the greatest beaches in Canada.  It’s pretty superb.  And a sweet spot for a first race ever! 

My pal Leah and I agreed to run run this first race together if not side by side, at least covering the same course on the same day.  Leah’s been running a year or more longer than I have so I was nervous to try to keep up.  I was pretty fresh of the couch to 5k program at this point.  We drove out to Grand Beach the day before.


I'm on the left.  I sacrificed the a flattering photo of myself for you Leah.

(I sacrificed a more flattering photo of myself for a more flattering photo of you Leah so no complaints!)


We spent the night at the lovely South Beach Casino and Resort.  There were dolphins everywhere in that place!  On the lamp shades,  the carpet, the front desk, in statue form.  Dolphin city man! Not that that’s relevant. 


We woke up bright and early, breakfasted, pinned our numbers on and made coffee that tasted like tires.  We didn’t drink it. 

Drove to the start and got more and more anxious.  Little did we know, everything was going to be okay. 


Once we found the start line we settled ourselves way at the back.  I think that was my idea. We waited for the gun and..  I’d love to say “took off!” but it was more like “began our slow dissent upon the finish line.” My dissent being much slower than Leah’s actually a runner pace.  About 1.5k in I reached the best part of the run which was passing my most favourite Aunty Judy’s cottage where she was waiting on the porch with an enthusiastic wave and a big smile.  I rounded the corner and got all teary.  I couldn’t believe that I was doing what I was doing.  Until a few weeks before the race I had never run 5k in my life.  I thought a lot about my Dad and how I wished that he could be at the finish line and hoped that he would be proud of me.  It really was an emotional run.  I revelled in it though.  It was a clean wash of emotions that I was feeling in ways I hadn’t felt before. ……Until the last 1.5k where I really didn’t think of anything at all except for the fact that I was running over the loose sand along the shoreline.  Uh what??  I was under the impression that it was going to be hard packed sand.  And it would have been without the wind causing waves that splashed further up the shore than and average day.  Whatcha gonna do? I could see the finish line, I hadn’t stopped to walk yet and I sure as hell wasn’t about to.  I kept on going and even sped up for the last hundred metres or so and then..  As soon as it came it went.  I was over the finish line.  Huh? Oh! Yipee!!  I saw a clock on my way in that said 37 minutes and some seconds that didn’t register. 



I met up with Leah, who finished 4 or 5 minutes before me, and my main man Steve who was an excellent photographer and supporter to us both.  We all had some good hugs and high fives and then high tailed it to my Aunts for an amazing waffle brunch.  

It was an amazing day.  I accomplished something I never thought I could.  I had shown myself that just because I couldn’t have done it 2 and a half months before it was so worth sticking it out and not quitting. 

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be saying something similar about this lil’ bloggy.


Have you ever quit something, only to triumph over it (in your own way) later on? 

What’s your proudest moment?

And yes, I understand those questions are probably being asked to my Mom.