I discovered a few things this morning.

  • I prefer organic carrots immensely.
  • I’m very scared of orange/pink/red mold.
  • Spell check in Word doesn’t recognize the word “mold.”

I ran out of organic carrots a couple of days ago and have yet to make it to Ye Olde Carrot Shoppe to replace them.  Which is probably why I woke up craaaaaaaaving carrot oatmeal as per my last few oatmeal sessions.  No bother, I thought I would just “borrow” (yeah, they’ll be getting them back!) a small handful of mini carrots from my house guests.  Shred, shred, shred the carrots and your left with the little butts.  Too big to meld with oats so might as well pop ‘em straight in the hangar (my mouth). Guh!  They tasted SO bizarre!  Like waxy toy soldiers or something.  Bleh!  Oh well, they were much less offensive mixed into  el oatties.

Virtually Inoffensive Oatmeal

Check this out!

What IS that?!

I found it in here

My distrust of Safeway has only been furthered.

I have never in my life seen mold like this.  Yes my yogurt was past it’s best before date but not poison toxin past.  Prehaps this is totally normal.  I tried to google it but mostly I kept coming back to jello mold recipes and time’s too tight today to be wasting away on google.  Besides, if I explored too far I would probably wind up wanting to make a jello mold.  I don’t want to want to make a jello mold.

Yesterday I completed day 2 of week 4 of the couch to 5K Yipee!  I am almost desperately looking forward to being able to run for longer than 5 minutes.  I want to run long, interesting routes.  And so yesterday I took my training to the monkey trails.  I’m apt to think this will benefit my training in the long run, working on harder trails and all.  We’ll see.

I’d love to do day 3 today but I’m going to give my leggies a breaky instead.  Maybe go for a walk before heading up to spend Mother’s day on my Mum’s farm learning to make sushi from her Japanese  WOOFer.  Uhh Hell Yeah!