I’m drinking a delightful latte.  Made with fresh whole milk straight from a farm.  I don’t know if a coffee gets any better than this.  Well, the dribble of maple syrup helps it along.


I’ve been thinking lately about how thrilled I am to be active again.  To be working towards a fitter body and life.  I see a tremendous amount of change in my both body and demeanour.  I am definitely aware that my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore.  The pain of it doesn’t nag me in the middle of the night or cause me to stop short going down a flight of stairs.  I can carry heavier loads.  I can comfortably tie my shoes from a standing position.  I sleep better.

I’m also inspired to see myself thinking ahead to my goals, as in working to accomplish something.  Sadly this is unlike me!  I’m more or a “sit back and wait for what may or may not come”er.  So what is the magical difference?  What makes it easy to start another week of the Couch to 5k plan but so hard to put the groceries away all at once?  What is the satisfaction of knowing that the more I do now and the more I stick to it the bigger the fitness challenge I’ll be able to tackle later on.  Don’t get me wrong, I marvel every time I go for a swim or walk or runny thingy or do push ups and planks.  I savour the sensations and really love pushing myself in the moment to see how far I can go.  But the real motivation is the experiences to come.  Maybe it’s as a result of being a beginner.  Or maybe it’s part of my disposition.  I’m not sure.  And I don’t dislike these feelings, but I am intrigued by them.

I read recently, about running specifically, that running doesn’t make you a better runner but the rest and recovery of your muscles afterwards make you a better runner.  I can believe this to be true.  But I’d also like to add a period of reflection to go with that rest and recovery.  As well as a healthy measure of looking forward.

I’m going for a cold runny/walky thingy this aft.  I look forward to both the time spent doing it and the time spent after doing it.