What’s up blog readers?  Wondering if I had a good day?   Let me just say Oooooh Yah!  How about you?

I knew today that I wanted to ruuuuuuuuun!  As much as my withered, ex-smoker lungs will let me anyhow.  After breakfast I was trying to decide what to do with the day and where to insert my run when my partner in romantic crime asked if he could take me to do the zoo!  Let me tell you, I haven’t been to the zoo in ages and the idea of spending a balmy summery spring afternoon made my heart go zooM!

But how to get that runny/walky thingy  in…  Luckily enough,  the zoo happens to be in Assiniboine Park, which happens to be at the end of Wellington Crescent which happens to run along the river which happens to be an excellent path for a runny/walky thingy!  So Mr Eats Oats agreed to pack up the car with all my stuff (camera, phone, water, wallet etc) and meet me at the zoo.  Hello! This is way better than the time I ran/walked to Superstore and he met me with the car!

There’s a sidewalk that runs all the way along the Wellington Crescent, but halfway to the zoo all these dusty muddy river side trails start to pop up.  I was doing well for time so I scurried down and took most my run on rooty, bushy, muddy trails.  Oh man Oh man!  So fun!  I had to slow down a lot because I was worried about twisting an ankle or falling in the river or twisting an ankle and then falling in the river.  Buuut slowing down enabled me to run somewhere between 7-10 minutes without stopping (I apparently wasn’t really stopping to look at my watch either)!  If I were to be honest with you I’d say I don’t think I have ever ever run 10 minutes non-stop.  Whew!  Feels so good!

And at the end of my run was my man at the zoo!  We held hands and saw things like these guys:

The fellow picking up these guys' poop said they're the scariest! And can weigh up to 40lbs! Saddly their mostly raised for foise gras

Were I a squirrel I'd be punk rock too!

Bear! Bear! Bear!

Yeah..  as far as days go, today was pretty fab.