Oh man.  I slept in this morning!  It’s natural for me.  I have always been a sleeper-inner.  But I’ve also always coveted that early rise lifestyle.  It just seems so much easier to get things done.  Now-a-days I pretty consistently/effortlessly wake up at 9.  Give or take.  Believe me, it’s a miracle that I get out of bed at all, given my history of 11am-2pm rising!  So Today I woke up at 11!  It was a shock!  And I only woke up because the phone was ringing.  I lied and told my friend she hadn’t woken me up (sorry Claire!  I was embarrassed!).  My whole morning was gone.  I’m sure it has something to do with green tea at 8pm but that doesn’t change my lost hours.  Oh well.

I felt like I’d slept through breakfast and so I went ahead and made myself lunch.

This was really good (though maybe not ideal before a runny/walking thingy)

Brussel Sprouts, sliced thin and sautéed in olive oil + chili flakes and garlic

Sun-dried tomatoes

Whole wheat pasta

An egg mixed with a scant amount each of feta, parm and cottage cheese

Immediately after draining the pasta stir in the egg mixture.  It should cook.  I didn’t have a lot of pasta though so I had to help mine along over low heat, constantly stirring.

Top with lots of fresh basil

and serve with a fuzzy water.  Yes Yes Yes!

40 minutes into my walky runny thingy.  No No No! I think I got my first case of the trots.  It was terrible!  Made it home in the nick of time but knew that if someone had locked the back door I was in for the most embarrassing moment of my adult life.  Eeep!  I don’t think I’m going to refer to completing the Terry Fox trail as a Fox Trot anymore.  Too many bad memories.

Trots aside I had a WONDERFUL time moving my legs today!  The weather was perfect (17 C, bright sun, slight wind).  And even though I’d been out yesterday my legs and lungs still felt good and strong today.  I did day one of week 3 as per the couch to 5k plan ( http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml ).  I love this plan, I really think it’s sound.  It’s true that I tend to do each day twice when I’m out (60 minutes instead of 30) lately but other than that I’ve made no adjustments.  I really truly believe that in the next month and a half  I’ll be able to run 5k.  I’m not ruling out anymore bad days but I am definately chalking this one up as a triumph.  Yah!

How’ve you all been?