And Boy are my arms tired!  Oh man, so lame.  But so true!  My arms feel pleasantly spent after yesterday’s swim.  Aaah.  Hopefully My legs will get the same experience on our walky/runny thingy today!

Breakfast was a smoother than usual Mango Mint yummy lumpy.

Breakfast and an opium pipe. Okay.

Pretty typical stuff in here.

More frozen mango and less banana + lots of fresh mint.  With the addition of yogurt I think it was kind of like a lassie.  Though I’m not entirely sure what a lassie is.

I’m looking forward to my fitness outing today, a trip to the library on my bike and getting some errands done.  It’s going to be another beautiful day (it’s 10:30.  It’s already a beautiful day).

Sweet sunshine to you all!