Yeah.  That’s right.  I went for a swim with my Mum.  She’s so cute!  And was such a good sport.  I wanted to stay a little longer than she did and so she just kept up with her laps til I was done.  Good job Mumma!

Today I swam 2K!!  Holy cow!  I didn’t even realize how far I’d gone.  That’s 43 there and back!  And it only took me a whopping 85 minutes.  I thinks that’s a little on the slow side.  Buuuut I clearly like to swim for endurance so no harm no foul! Also I was huffing and puffing a fair bit.

After such a big swim we went for a Vietnamese lunch and I was halfway through the devouring process when I realized I forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  We shared some roll it yourself charbroiled (spellcheck wants me to tell you it was hardboiled) pork salad rolls and shrimp and sour soup.  And it was soooo  gooooood!

I don’t like to eat shrimp.  They taste great but I know the way that most shrimp are farmed is terrible for the environment.  As I learned from my Mum over lunch,  mangrove groves are destroyed so they can be turned into shrimp farms or shrimp ponds.  (from the web) It is estimated that 1 million hectares of coastal wetland, including mangroves, have been lost in order to create space for these ponds.  This practice is disrupting traditional fishing in numerous  regions and is effecting the livelihood of many in addition to seriously disrupting, possibly irreversibly, the ecosystem.  Really though? What else is new?  It is heartbreaking but sadly not shocking.  Which is more saddening.  So I don’t eat shrimp unless it’s been months since I’ve last eaten shrimp.  It’s not much but I guess it’s something.

In dog related news..  this is another good fur-pal Kali.  She just had minor surgery due to a mysterious puncture wound in her chest.  She is healing nicely.

Whaddya mean no shrimp?