Oats for breakfast!

Oatty Baby! Where've ya been?

Typical Oats.  Typical extraordinary oats!

I’m a little bit ocd about how I construct my raw oat bowls.  But it’s all worth it.  There’s a reason for each step.

1. Combine yogurt (1/3 of a cuppish) + chia seeds (3/4 tablespoonish) in a bowl.  Mix. & Let sit while you

2. Melt (a tablespoonish) of virgin coconut oil

3. Arrange oats in an even layer over the yogurt

4. drizzle melted coconut oil over the oats.  Let sit.  This is the absolute best part.  Because the oats get kind of granola-clumpy

5. Slice a banana.  Toss it on top of the oats

6. Combine (2 teaspoonish) nut butter with (2-3 teaspoonish) latte or milk or coffee warm gently (10 second intervals in the microwave)

7. Gloop the sauce atop the bananas in an effort to disguise their banana-ness.

That’s it.  You’re done!  Notice no salt?  This is actually one of the hardest places for me to not add salt to my meal.  It’s not needed but I do find it makes the flavours pop.  Whatever, I’m a salt addict so of course I think that!

Plan for the day a swim with my mum (Is it not so cute that we’re starting to swim together?!), cumbersome meeting this aft’ and a movie that we have passes for later tonight.  Should be fun!