Tonight was yoga.  Couples yoga.  A class found in the leisure guide (a city of Winnipeg directory of classes held at public facilities).  I did not feel like going.  I was having a bummed out day and feeling badly in general about the state of my life.  I asked my partner in yoga-crime if he wanted to go.  Not really.  And instantly started wrestling with the notion of just skipping the class!  We’re wiggling back and forth, trying to justify not going……and the next thing I know I’m changing into my yoga pants and filling up my water bottle (which I forgot at home) and we were on our way to class.  We had a delightful time.  Even laughing restrainedly for no good reason through the first bit of class.  My day was totally turned around.  Why?  Because I did something that was good for me.  Because I did something that I didn’t want to do.  Why I wonder, is it so easy to forget that something is going to be a pleasure?  While combing the internet for info on running programs and how to get started I came across the same tip in a number of different places – Go for 10 minutes and if you want to quit after the 10 minutes do so.   More and more I want to get out there and get started.  More and more I don’t want to quit.

(I went out for a 60 minute walky/runny thingy this morning)

(lunch was a salad bar salad + 1/2 a reuben sandwich, which has been my sandWISH for so long, but I think maybe the bread was a little off so it wasn’t at all perfect.  From the Paddle Wheel restaurant at The Bay)

(Dinner was the rest of the salad + the other 1/2 of the sandwich.  Pretty sure there was something up with the bread)

And for your totally unrelated visual enjoyment may I introduce you to Mel!  He’s a rescued puppy mill dachshund who has no teeth and lacks the ability to keep his tongue in his mouth.  He is fur mommed by my dear pal Leah.

Hey Good Lookin'!