So…  Again not a huge appetite for dinner.  But today I know why!

It’s  all ’cause of these guys!

They’re like sesame sticks without the sesame and with wild rice.  They’re delicious and I’m sure not at all healthy (just ’cause they’re organic doesn’t mean they’re good for you) and I’ve found my hand in the bag a number of times today.  Blast!

So for dinner I thought I’d just have a side dish.  A wonderful side dish!  I’m Mmmming just thinking about it!

Here’s what I did….

Cooked 1/2 of a diced onion, in butter, over loooooow heat til almost soft

Added one quartered clove of GIANT garlic (my mom grew it on her farm. Iit’s the best!  Did you know garlic is supposed to be sticky and wet?!) and cooked a wee bit longer

Added a whole head of organic cauliflower, roughly chopped, cooked for a minute or two

Raised the heat just a tad then added maybe 1/4 cup of white wine + 1/4 cup H2O

Covered and let go for 15 minutes or so – til the cauli was softy

transferred to a bowl, threw in a bit of cottage cheese, a dollop of sour cream and a tiny crumble of feta (which was intially just for the salt! Oops! Cheating! But really brought a lot of flavour to the table) + a small sprinkle of nutmeg and pepper to taste

Mash however you see fit and serve

This dish as has left me with one question: Is it a bad idea to eat an entire head of cauliflower in one night?  Seriously..  You should try this! Yumma Yumma!