Yeah?  So what? Maybe today I felt like drinking my lumpy right outta the blender.  Or maybe it didn’t all fit into a glass.  I’ll let you imagine what you want to.

In my lumpy today:





frozen mango

melted coconut oil

fresh mint

chia seeds

vega powder

and keffir.

A question about keffer – Does anyone know how to tell when it’s gone off?  I find that mine separates in the fridge and smells funny buuut..  that doesn’t seem that different from when it’s fresh and new.  So?  Anyone?

Yesterday Leah and I went for what we call a “Fox Trot.”  There’s a trail in a park here in Winnipeg dedicated to Terry Fox.

Uh Right. We tried our best at this one.

It’s maybe half a mile long and has exercise stations interspersed throughout.  Such as the ones in the following disjointed photos.

We're not in wheelchairs. But we did their exercises anyways.

This one scares me the most.  I'm a baby.
This one scares me the most. I’m a baby.

There are more stations but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to format these photos so I’ll just skip them for now.

Anynyhow.  It was so hot out yesterday and I guess I started out too fast.  We planned to do 2 rounds of the course, running ‘tween stations.  Oh man it was so hard yesterday!  It probably had something to do with not eating enough and it being hot and starting out WAY too fast and blah blah blah. By the time we got round to the second run of it I couldn’t do any of the stations.  I needed to take the time to recover just from a wee jog.  It was discouraging and depressing.  However, through the second course as I was feeling so badly my thoughts weren’t the usual “This is so stupid, you’ll never be able to do this, why are you even trying” kind of thoughts they were more like “Man, I’m going to have to work so much harder and it’s going to take so much longer to achieve my goals.”   I didn’t realizes this until I was home and it was night time.  I walked through the door feeling rather disheartened with myself but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do something good for my body and it doesn’t mean that I’ll never be able to do that course 2 times easy! So I look forward to my runny/walky thinggy today because it’s going to get me that much closer to where I want to be.  Thank you Good night (morning).