I had such a great runny/walky thinggy today!  I strayed from the plan and went for 40 minutes instead of 20 plus was (when feeling up to it) running for longer than just 90 seconds.  At one point I even ran for 5 minutes straight.  Scoff if you will but for me it’s so great!  And my typical knee/leg pain (that I’ve been to the doctor about and will tell you all about one day) was almost entirely iced and foam rolled away at the end!  Hooray!


I have been craving beans and pasta for weeks!  Who knows why these things happen they just do.  Apparently so was Dani Spies http://www.danispies.com

Here’s what’s in this dish.

Whole wheat bow tie pasta

Chilli Flakes

Best ever Brussel Sprouts


White Beans

Cherry tomatoes

Sun-dried Tomatoes



Raw, unpasteurized Cottage Cheese

Mint (Which wasn’t totally great)

The Brussel Sprouts !  Wow!  Cut the core off your sprouts and then slice the sprouts pretty thinnish.  Put oil (I used olive) in a fry pan over medium heat.  Add your chilli flakes and give ’em a chance to get to know the oil a bit better.  Add the sprouts plus minced garlic.  Cook til soft/brown in spots.  Seriously, the last time I made these I couldn’t even wait til I had something to mix them with.  I ate half of them out of the pan and then wised up to what was going to happen and threw the rest in a bowl.  Gahhhh!  So good!  So good!  They almost taste like sesame seeds.  Oh yeah – then throw everything else in the pan except the mint and cheese (save those til the end) let it all get hot and roasty then dig on in!

On a side note, can you believe I forgot to put that delicious looking coconut in my lumpy this morning?  D’uh!