I don’t know what comes over me ’round the supper hour.  But I sure don’t see to want to blog.  Oh well..  Here’s my belated dinner.  PreBreakfast.  I must warn you – It’s not the most balanced meal.

Duh dah dah dah!

(did you read that like a trumpet? )

I love you I love you I love you.

Hey Merry..  What ees in there?  Popcorn?  But what eelse?

Organic Popcorn (air popped)


Coconut Oil

Ch-ch-Chia seeds

Left over fakey terrible seasoning from the movie theatre.  Does it count as added salt?  It was day 1!  Cut me some slack you vultures (Beautiful, lovely vultures!)

On the side I drank some Chocolate Vega Powder in milk + water.  I thought the milk might make it taste like chocolate milk.  Nope.  It was just watery vega powder mixed with some milk.

Someone asked me what this Vega powder is.  You can take a peek at their website through the link below.  I use the Whole Food Health Optimizer.  I think it’s designed as a meal replacement.  The claim is that 2 scoops (I’m not very familiar with these types of products but those scoops are BIG!) give you 100% of just about everything you need for the day and can be taken as a whole meal.   I would be devastated if that was a meal for me!  So I just try to add a little bit to my diet daily to fill out my nutrient profile.    Also noteworthy is that it’s vegan and raw.


The weather is absolutely bizarre-O  gorgeous for this time of year.  There’s a high of 18 degrees celsius (64.4F) today!  A friend and I stumbled upon a really cool trail in one of Winnipeg’s larger and nicer parks.  It’s called The Terry Fox Trail and peppered throughout are sort of workout nooks. (I’ll take pictures so you don’t have to rely on my description) There are chin up bars and parallel bars and logs to lift and vault over!  It’s soooo much fun to have a little run in between stations and then work our weak little muscles!  Also most stations are wheelchair friendly.  I think Terry would’ve loved it.  Anyhoo.  The afternoon will take us there and wouldn’t it be nice to finish with some wine spritzers.  Just a thought for this beautiful day.

I hope the weather is grand where ever you may be!

P.S. Got some white beans in the slowcooker.  Yah! Navy Beans! What will you be at dinner?