COCONUT! That’s right!  That pile of unidentified slime came out of this beauty!

Oh me Oh my!  This was a deeeeeelight!  I Watched this video:

It worked so well!  But why is the lady crouching down at the start.  Hmm…

I tried to do this awhile ago with a brown hairy coconut and it was a bit of a disaster!  I’d read that you can put the coconut in a moderate heat oven, (after boring out the weak eye and emptying the water inside) and it will crack open.  This didn’t really happen.  And the smell was unpleasant.  However, after cracking the steaming hot coconut with only an oven mitt and a knife I started to suspect  prehaps things weren’t quite right.  But I kept on with my plans.  I shucked out the meat, threw it in the food processor  til it was the size of…  (I’m having trouble thinking of anything that size) mini chocolate chips, baked til golden than put back in the food processor until it was coconut butter.  Rancid foul coconut butter.  God damn it!  A whole lotta workin’ for a whole lotta nothing.  Truth be told, I knew it early on.  I just didn’t want to admit it.  Anyhoodles!  This worked great.  The coconut water was wonderful!  Sweet and almost salty which suits me just fine!  The meat is slimy and fine.  And I mean fine like a hot woman out at a nightclub.  Sweet slimy and fine!  I can’t wait to put it in my lumpy (smoothie) tomorrow!

Dinner was a bowl of beans with vinegar. (The picture I took was boring and blurry.)   I just do not have an appetite today.  BooHoo!  Tomorrow I hope!

I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who’s reading this!  I’m shocked that anyone is at all!  Thank you thank you thank you!  I look forward to finding my groove and hopefully making this into something that you others will enjoy and/or find helpful in someway.