I don’t know what the what is.  Just not hungry this morning?  When am I not hungry?  I love being hungry!  I went to bed eagerly anticipating a morning lumpy (a smoothie made in my inferior blender – Not whatever gross thing you were thinking).  And yet here I am, awake for over an hour and no hunger.  Alas.  Coffee was good this morning.  Very necessary.

Lady wants her latte. Wah Wah.

I had weird-o dreams last night!  My dreams are always out there but one from last night was relevent to blogging.  I woke up so embarrassed!  I think I was blushing in my sleep!  The dream ended with me sitting in the car, my head on the steering wheel moaning “whhhhhyyyyyy did I just do that?”  In my dream one of the bloggers who I follow (I’m not telling!) was in my city for a wedding and I knew where they were meeting some pals for dinner.  I decided to join them.  Without invitation, or even introduction.  I just showed up at the restaurant and sat down at their table and started listening to their conversation.  Spoooooky!  And then I was privately lectured by the blogger (who was drunk!?) on how what I had done was creepy and I just kept saying “I know! I know!”  Why would I even dream that?  And then blog about it?  It’s like I’m typing face noises instead of relevant articulations!  Flarbargh!  Glashrappery!

I’ll show you my lumpy when it gets here.  Otherwise I’m doing my homework for a community spanish class I’m taking.  Probably should have done this sooner than an hour before the class.


There you are lumpy!

Edited to add:



Chia Seeds

Coconut Oil

Vega Powder


Cashew Butter

Rolled Oats