So glad to be done my spanish lesson for today!  I know that I’ll be sooooo  thankful that I’ve taken this class when it’s over but it is rather tedious on the moment.

I am setting 2 challenges for myself this week.

1. Don’t leave my homework/studying to the last hour. (Boooring!)

2.(because it’s at least twice as interesting) Not adding any salt to my foods.

Oh my god. I love salt.  Sweet white gold.  Mm.  I wonder if you could make jewelery out of salt.  Probably not.  But it would be pretty.  And healthier for me.

I bow to you my queen.

Lunchies you ask?

Those chips don't LOOK stale...

I don’t even know what I would call this.  But i sure eat it often.  It’s lurks somewhere between a chilli and a dip.  It takes 10 minutes.  I love it.  Pinto beans, onions, garlic, zucchini, bell pepper, spinach, salsa, salty salty feta, and avocado all showered in lime juice. On the side – stale chippies.

I’ve just started cooking giant batches of beans in the slow cooker and then freezing them.  Does anyone else do this?  I resorted to canned before this discovery and had NO idea what I was missing out on!!  Easy Beanies!  Yurm!