I’ve been flipping my brain around trying to figure out how this first post should go.  I’ve been (on a small-scale) agonizing about what to write.  And then it occurred to me as I was making brekky this morning.  Just get it done.  Take a picture of your breakfast and voila-ha-ha!  Blog.

Oatties sans cooking + Coffee

Oh oatties!  I love you cold and raw.  I know one day we will have steamy passion again, but in the meantime what room temperature mysteries are you choosing to reveal?

Tablespoon-ish sprinkle of Chia

1/2 of a cuppish  Organic Vanilla Yogurt + a few drops of Almond Extract

1/3 of  a cuppish (or the size of my hand full) Rolled Oats

Scientific sized glob of melted Coconut Oil

One Larger half of an Organic Banana

Equal 1/2 teaspoons of Cashew Butter and Latte mixed together and daintily drizzled…  Alright, GLOOPED atop it all.

Plus a side of Latte (sweetened with a squeesh of Agave Nectar)

Breakfast.  Check.

First blog post EVER.  Check.

Bizarre anxiety where I wonder if anyone other than my Mom will ever read this.  Check.

Day one of week two of the couch to 5k.  About to be checked! Check.

This has been fun.  Let’s do it again!