Oooh Yeah!  Lunch!

Eggs and Toast as observed by the birds.

Lunch was had under some birds in a glass enclosure.  Strange little birds perched below a tree made of cork.  I love this thing! I’d suggest clicking the photo to get a better view of the birds.

Lunch was a nummy omelette with tomatoes, spinach, green olives and a wee crumble of feta cheese.  And slice of toast.  The whiteness of which I tried to hide from you with avocado.  But that would be a bit like lying wouldn’t it?  So I thought I’d just come clean about it.  No dishonesty here people!  I will however, note that I don’t eat a lot of bread and so I leave flavour determination of  most loaves to my heterosexual life partner.  He likes it white.  And that’s okay with me.

I rustled up my appetite with a 40 minute runny/walky thinggy as per Week 2 of  the Couch to 5K plan.  It feels so great to be out and moving my bod!  It wasn’t until the tail end of last summer that I discovered (maybe rediscovered) the joys of outdoor physical activity – or any physical activity for that matter.

For some reason today I felt almost legit’ in my running.  Last week when I was running a minute on and 90 seconds off I got a touch embarrassed passing other people who were out running.  They made it look so easy while I’m sure I was making it look so hard!  But today I felt stronger!  My huffing and puffing didn’t kick in til I only had 2 run segments left and even then it was a little less strenuous than last week.  Maybe I was just pacing myself better.  Regardless it felt great!  And I was inclined to smile at the runners I was passing and even said hello a few times.  I have wondered if it happens everywhere, or just here that runners say hello to each other as they pass.  I love it!  Even before I was one of them I took creepy pleasure in spying the nods and waves and breathy “hey”s that were exchanged.  Oddly enough, I take the same pleasure in seeing bus drivers wave to each other from their busses.  Oh the comradery!  If only we could all be more like the bus drivers and runners.